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I love to sit down and get to know people. Steve Wolgemuth was no exception. We met at a cute coffee shop in Manheim to see if there were any synergies between us. Turns out, we had some cool things in common.

First off, I liked how personable Steve was. He was willing to talk about his life before Ydop. He has a history I liked…dressage. Talking horses always makes my day, and Steve shared some neat stories from his time as a successful dressage rider and trainer. But what I really liked about him was his ability to dream. Leaving the horse realm and entering the business world, Steve found himself in the internet marketing world. He also found himself creating an entirely new concept for SEO strategy.

As he spoke about his discovery, I could sense his passion for helping businesses succeed. The best description I can give you is directly from his website, :

“Localized businesses are under-served when they follow marketing models intended for larger brands with a national audience. While most approaches to digital marketing focus on a business’s online presence, they do not adequately employ tactics to leverage the business’s physical proximity to its target market.”

‘Nuff said.

Creating a niche in the worlds of marketing and web isn’t easy, but Steve’s vision to make others successful has made him successful.

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