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Burgard Design Group    I recently had the opportunity to work with and write for Todd Burgard of Burgard Design Group. I think he is a pretty cool chap, and his visionary capacity is amazing! He’s been in the marketing world for about 20 years, and has seen marketing grow, evolve, and change over the years.

He has the unique ability to see through a trend in marketing, assess its impact, and know whether it will fly or fizzle. In my interview with him, I was impressed by his ability to inspire others to think and make decisions on a deeper level that will give them long-term results. Here’s my synopsis of Todd:

1.) He’s completely turned off by marketing buzzwords. Why? Because they are overused and oversold. They sell short-term results with no long-term impact. These buzzwords can include: branding, rebranding, and culture. Marketing companies using these terms often are not creating what matters most…creating a community of people dedicated to your product.

2.) He’s in it for the long haul. Long term results require a long term relationship. Todd’s clients have been with him for years, and he is selective about who he works with. His company provides results based on long term strategies that impact his clients from inside their company first, then outside to their customers.

3.) He generates loyalty. When I met with Todd, he used football as an example of what loyalty is. When someone is dedicated to a football team and you ask them about the latest game, they will respond “Oh, we won!” or “Oh man, we lost.” The use of the word “we” shows ownership. Marketing should create loyalty on the level of ownership…your clients should describe your product as theirs, even through your ups and downs.

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