Smartphone Courtesy = Showing Value

Recently I read an article entitled “Why Successful People Never Bring Smartphones Into Meetings”. That title alone caught my attention, and I realized that I was “guilty as charged”. You can read the original article here. In every situation there are two things going on: What those you are meeting with think of you and […]

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Easy Cheese Crackers

It’s very hard to keep a large family happy without snack food. Unfortunately, most snack food doesn’t fall into the category of “unprocessed”, or even “healthy”…nor does purchasing pre-made snack food save money. I calculated that I can save literally hundreds of dollars monthly using three steps: 1). Planning snacks weekly 2). Thinking outside the […]

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Being Real

A Blog Article I wrote for This Way Up Marketing. I feel it really sums up my desires as a writer of creative content. Facebook. Twitter. Blogging. I think we’ve all had moments when we really wanted to post something based on that day’s experiences, and then thought the better of it. While discretion is […]

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Urgent versus Important

Time Management. It’s that THING that all of us seek to balance in both our personal and professional lives. My Sandler coach used to tell me that functioning out of the urgent is like constantly fighting fires. We run from here to there, focusing more on the needs of others. The problem is that we […]

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