Easy Cheese Crackers

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It’s very hard to keep a large family happy without snack food. Unfortunately, most snack food doesn’t fall into the category of “unprocessed”, or even “healthy”…nor does purchasing pre-made snack food save money. I calculated that I can save literally hundreds of dollars monthly using three steps:

1). Planning snacks weekly

2). Thinking outside the box

3). Making my own

I think that a snack can be as simple as a piece of fruit or a hard boiled egg, but many parents I know have the paradigm that a snack should be satisfying (like a meal), and should be a carb. This is not true, and we need to shatter this paradigm permanently! I have a lot of ideas for snacks, and many of our snacks I make myself. My kids are still kids however, and very much enjoy kid-style snacks such as crackers.

Over the years, I’ve found many recipes for crackers, even ones that let you make your own “goldfish” crackers. However, they lack practicality to me…they take too much work. That’s why I did a literal happy dance when my favorite blog, 100 Days Of Real Food posted this recipe…3 ingredient crackers. Yes…you read that right…3 ingredient crackers. It took me less than 15 minutes to make them and about 10 minutes to bake them. And they also meet my personal criteria of less than 8 natural ingredients. Whoo-hoo!

You can find this wonderful Easy Cheesy Crackers recipe here.

Here is a picture of mine. I know they don’t look perfect, but this isn’t Pinterest. This is real life. They are fabulous and that is all that matters!

Jill's Cheese Crackers

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