Urgent versus Important

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Time Management. It’s that THING that all of us seek to balance in both our personal and professional lives. My Sandler coach used to tell me that functioning out of the urgent is like constantly fighting fires. We run from here to there, focusing more on the needs of others. The problem is that we neglect the important…and the important is what helps to prevent “fires”, keeps us healthy and less stressed, and helps us get more done.

Steven Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, is given credit for bringing this concept to the public in a tangible way. I know when I saw the grid, it instantly was burned into my brain and helped me begin to ask myself if the tasks that were coming my way were urgent or important, and how to prioritize.

You can read more about the Urgent/Important balance here.

The other concept introduced to me alongside Urgent vs. Important was the balance wheel. I honestly went from chaos to order when I applied this concept! Having children, a husband, pets, work, social responsibility and general responsibilities can certainly make for chaos! However, applying this basic concept allows the mind to shift from chaos to order in a simple way.

You can read more about the Balance Wheel here.

Understanding Time Management can change your professional and personal life. It can bring order and balance, but more importantly, it can take away stress and bring about joy.

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