Writing with Relationships in Mind.

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A Blog Article I wrote for This Way Up Marketing. I feel it really sums up my desires as a writer of creative content.

Facebook. Twitter. Blogging. I think we’ve all had moments when we really wanted to post something based on that day’s experiences, and then thought the better of it. While discretion is important, it is just as important to make sure that your posts don’t become routine, ordinary, or sterile. 

Human beings desire relationships. We desire to understand but more so, to be understood. A good article can inform and educate, but a relationship needs more. We need to be real.

When I choose to work with someone, it is because I know that my needs are going to be met. I know that my questions will be answered, my concerns validated and addressed, and the work done to meet my expectations. I expect customer service to be based off the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Being yourself online lets your audience know that you are an approachable person. They can gain confidence not only in your expertise, but in your relationship skills as well. While negativity should be avoided and discretion used prior to posting, it’s ok to show your human side as well.

We all became who we are through failure, mistakes, disappointments, and maybe even some embarrassment once in awhile. We’ve all had pain, loss, setbacks, and times of indecision that have fine tuned us and landed us where we are now. Sharing some of these experiences and their results can captivate, engage, build trust, and assure clients that you have what they need and what they may not find anywhere else.

So go ahead. Share that story that changed you and landed you exactly where you’re supposed to be. And laugh about it a little, too.

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